What is Multisensory Structured Language (MSL)

MSL is a language based multisensory program that focuses on the structure of language. MSL is an inclusive approach as the teaching and learning suits all students.

The approach is characterised by the following essential elements:

  • Multisensory (incorporating visual, auditory, tactile, and kinaesthetic activities)
  • Explicit and direct (working one concept at a time)
  • Sequential (moving from simple to more complex)
  • Cumulative (build upon prior knowledge)
  • Cognitive (learning is based on an understanding of language)
  • Flexible (programs are individualised, and students work at their own pace)

When students are taught with this specialised instruction this enables the brain to develop more efficient and stronger pathways of learning. As a result, students experience a high level of success which leads to improved confidence and big smiles.

The content and instruction practices of MSL are derived from and follows the same principles of Orton Gillingham Approach (OG).
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